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Do you want to participate in the realization of new innovative, responsible or creative projects? Give meaning to your investments and your savings? Receive original rewards? Crowdfunding is for you ... …

With MOVE you have at your disposal two solutions to accompany the projects: the Gift and the Loan.

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Looking for financing? You want to create a network and federate a community around your project?

Thanks to ORIAS approval, with MOVE you have a solution in Donation or Secured Loan.

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  • Collaborative and
    Ethical vision
  • Orias
    labeled Platform
  • Gift or Loan

MOVE is ORIAS labeled "Intermediary in Participatory Financing", it respects all the laws and rules in force so that your projects, donations and loans are carried out safely. Read more

Loan is an investment, it involves risks of non-repayment and partial or total capital losses. MOVE Platform does not guarantee your loans, we advise you to pay attention to the guarantee or not of the loan by the project leader (information on the homepage of the project) before any decision. It is prudent to diversify your loans and not to exceed your financing capabilities. MOVE is a Participatory Financing Platform registered with ORIAS under number 17000188 as Participatory Financing Intermediary (IFP) and payment partner MangoPay registered in the Luxembourg Trade and Companies Register under number B173459.

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